Counter-G7 for another world

By 13 June 2019 July 25th, 2019 Latest news, Mobilisations, Press Release

From August 19 to 26 in Hendaye, let's rally and prepare ourselves to face the great

From 24 to 26 August, 7 heads of state from the world’s wealthiest countries will meet in Biarritz under the leadership of France. Increasingly authoritarian and warmongering, these 7 major pyromaniacs meet to perpetuate a system at the service of the richest and transnational corporations. It’s time to stop these planet’s incendiaries. In response to their misleading discourses, it is necessary to rally in the Basque Country to oppose them with our ideas, alternatives and struggles and to enforce ecological and social emergency.

Program of mobilisations organised by the G7EZ platform and the National Platform of Alternatives to the G7:

  • From August 19 and 20, set up of the camping, and the various activity sites (Urrugne, Hendaye, Irun);
  • On August 21, 22 and 23, the G7 counter-summit (see below)*;
  • Saturday, August 24th demonstration in Irun-Hendaye;

*During the counter-summit, conferences, debates and resistance building will take place at the instigation of many movements, organisations, trade unions (etc.) from the Basque Country and elsewhere. This will be an important point of convergence for the fights that marked the year and for the construction of our future mobilisations. The debates will be articulated around 7 spaces representing 7 blazes of capitalism:

  • For another world, let’s put an end to capitalism and corporate power;
  • Against the destruction of our planet, let’s protect the earth, let’s defend biodiversity;
  • For a radically feminist world, down with patriarchy;
  • Respect the diversity and freedom of peoples, for a decolonial world without discrimination;
  • For a social democracy and equal rights for all, down with authoritarianism;
  • For a just world based on solidarity between peoples, down with wars and imperialism;
  • No one is illegal on this planet, abolition of borders for human being.

This counter-summit will be an opportunity to share concrete solutions for a global policy that effectively addresses inequality, poverty, and ecological and climate disasters. Join the G7 Alternatives platform to imagine together a social and just world, respectful of differences and the environment.

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